5 Tips To Know For Upgrading Car Stereo 

Music is the best medicine for the soul. Our desire is to listen to our favorite music all the time. We enjoy listening to our favorite songs when we go to and from work.  A great song can really improve your mood and can help you face the day easier.  If you want to enjoy your favorite music at the best quality possible it’s a great idea to use a car audio system that delivers awesome clarity for the sound.  Usually, your car will have installed an audio stereo system which is good for most people but if you want the best quality possible it’s best to upgrade it.  Car manufacturers do not use quality materials for the car audio systems.  In today’s market, you can choose from a wide variety of aftermarket system equipment that can be used to upgrade the car stereo.  Continue reading to learn everything about upgrading your car stereo. 

Decide On Your Budget 

When you decide to buy and install some new pieces of audio equipment in your car it’s always a great idea to determine a couple of factors.  The first thing is deciding what budget you have?  The second thing is you want to upgrade your whole car system or just a few pieces?  Once you decide on your budget It’s time you figure out the specifications for the items you want to buy.  If you’re planning to replace your head unit which specs the new one do you want to have? Do you want one that has only a CD player or do you want one that can play music from your iPod or Tablet?   

Buy a new head unit 

A head unit is known as a car stereo and is also the most important part of the car audio system.  The head unit is responsible for sending the sound signals to speakers and the other elements of the audio system.  Today’s head units are so advanced with so many functions such as Bluetooth technology, GPS navigation, and playing music from an external device. 

Buy new speakers 

The speakers are the main components of your sound system for delivering great music.  You can choose speakers from many manufacturers on the market like JBL, Kenwood, Kicker, and Rockford. You can also find car speakers in various types and sizes. Some examples are 6×9 speakers, 6×8 speakers, 6.5 speakers, and 4×6 speakers.  Speakers can be found in two categories the full-range speakers also known as coaxial and the component speakers.  The full-range speakers have the tweeter attached to the woofer. The component speakers have all the elements separately.  For a proper installation, your car speakers must match the OEM holes in your car. 

Buy an amplifier 

 Most stock and aftermarket speakers don’t have enough power on their own that’s why you need to buy an amplifier in order to boost the sound. A quality amplifier will boost the sound signals from your head unit to the speaker in order to deliver awesome sound. There are two types of amplifiers the mono channel and the multiple channel amp. A mono channel amp can boost the signal for one speaker while a multi-channel amp can boost the signal to 5-6 speakers.  There are various amplifiers to buy from.  When you decide to buy an amp make sure that it is within your budget, one thing to remember is that the RMS of your speakers must match the amp power. 

Better Bass In Your Music 

If you want bass from your speakers you should buy a subwoofer. There are various sizes of subwoofers but the main ones are 8-inch subwoofers, 10-inch subwoofers , and 12-inch subwoofers.  When searching for a subwoofer for a car it’s important to choose one that fits your budget.  Once you buy all the items required for upgrading your car system it’s time to install them. If you decide to install them yourself you should take some safety procedures first, you should protect your eyes with some goggles and hands with some gloves.