BOSS Audio CH6930BOSS Audio CH6930 Review

The BOSS Corporation is popular for making quality speakers with a lot of features and qualities. The BOSS Audio CH6930 is a pair of speakers that can be easily installed in a car and has a wide range of audio frequencies with a lot of power.  These speakers have a high sensitivity rating meaning that they can produce a significant amount of power.  These best 6×9 speakers produce crystal clear sound with a low level of bass. 

If you’re thinking of replacing your current speakers with an aftermarket pair then you should consider having a look at the BOSS Audio CH6930 speakers. 

Very Powerful Speakers 

Everyone looking for a pair of speakers wants to use them for a longer period of time. These speakers are constructed with polyurethane, a polymer that allows the speakers to have maximum flexibility and at the same time to produce a great sound and last longer.  The voice coils are constructed from aluminum which makes them hard and tough, thanks to this the speakers can be used at different temperatures without damaging them. 

Very Lightweight Speakers 

Because these speakers are made from rubber, polyurethane, and aluminum they are super lightweight and flexible.  You can point the speakers in any position you want. 

Awesome Design 

These speakers have a very nice design, thanks to the combination of red and black that comes on the cone, tweeters, and the voice coil, which makes these speakers look awesome. 


  • Max power 400 watts with an RMS power of 200 watts 
  • 90 dB sensitivity to produce high-quality sound 
  • Frequencies between 50 Hz and 20KHz 
  • High tech Mylar tweeters 
  • Cone constructed from a polymer 
  • Great built with awesome design 
  • 2.2 pounds weight with a mounting depth of 1-11/16 inches 
  • 3 years warranty 

BOSS company has made an awesome pair of speakers that provide excellent quality of music.  These are very lightweight, durable, flexible, and capable of delivering excellent performance for a longer period of time. High sensitivity speakers with low impedance for a powerful sound.  For their price, the BOSS CH6930 speakers are perfect for anyone.