How to build a custom car audio

In this era, we use our cars every day to go to work, school, or somewhere we want to have a break. Many of us have personal cars that we drive every day, most of the time we listen to music when we drive. Most of the cars have a stock car audio system installed which is made from a CD player and a radio receiver. For most people, these are enough for the sound but if you want to have a crystal clear sound you will need a custom car audio system. A car audio system consists of speakers, amplifiers, equalizers, etc. Some will have a reasonable price while others will be expensive. Read on to find out how to build your own car audio system.  

Your fixed budget 

This is one of the most important aspects of building your own car audio system.  You need to think about how much money you really want to spend.  Based on your current preferences such as Bluetooth technology, DVD screens, or a GPS receiver you will spend a nice amount of money. You will need to do some research to find out the best prices for these parts. 

Car Stereo Unit 

This is an important step when choosing one unit for your car. There are many to choose from ranging from aftermarket that will produce a better sound to some that have a lot of features.  Stick to your favorite features when you make your research based on your budget.  

Speakers Size 

There are several car speaker sizes in the market. The most popular ones are from Kenwood, JBL, Polk Audio, and Pioneer. As you may hear there are two types of speakers available coaxial speakers also known as full-range speakers and components.  Speakers that have a small size like 6.5 speakers are generally installed in the front doors, but 6×9 speakers are bigger and are installed in the rear deck. Based on your budget choose the speakers that are affordable to you.  

Buy an amplifier 

It’s a great idea to buy an external amplifier because it will boost the sound of your speakers. There are two types of amplifiers, the mono channel, and the multiple channels. The mono channel sends signals to one speaker while the multiple channels send signals to many speakers. It’s great to buy a multiple channel amplifier because it can send signals to 6 speakers. Always read what power rating the amplifier has because you don’t need more power than your speakers can deliver, this can break them. 

Buy a subwoofer 

If you want powerful bass you need to buy a subwoofer.  There are various brands of a subwoofer on the market to choose from, you will need to check which one fits your car system.  Generally, you will need to buy one that is affordable and of decent quality. The most common sizes of subwoofers are 8 inch subwoofers, 10 inch subwoofers, 12-inch subwoofers, and 15-inch subwoofers. 

After you’ve bought these parts you will need to install them. You have two options either pay a specialist to install them or you can install them yourself. For a small fee, these could be installed in a day but if you want to save money and you are not in a rush you can install them in your free time by reading the instruction manual.  If you decide to install it yourself read the instructions carefully and don’t rush.